ROVI is a Spanish integrated and specialist pharmaceutical company devoted to research, development, manufacturing and marketing of small molecules and biological emdical specialities.

The origins of ROVI date back to 1946, when it began its business operations, and since 1951 it has adopted the corporate name of "Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi".

In 1981, ROVI begans its research into fractionated derivatives of heparin known as low molecular weight heparins ("LMWH"), and in the 1990s, ROVI developed a second generation LMWH known as Bemiparin. This is the active sustance of its main product, wich has consolidated its position on the market for antithrombotic producs.

ROVI's dedication and its strategy of encouraging the international trade, has lade to extend Bemiparin presence, whethe in pre-registration, registration or marketing stage, to a total of 82 countries thanks to strategic alliance established with our international partners.


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