Your doctor has prescribed you a treatment to prevent or treat venous thromboembolic disease.

To ensure the highest protection, it is important that you fully comply with his indications and with treatment duration.

Steps to be followed for adequate administration are described below:

  1. Remove the protective cover by gently turning it and pulling it out straight. Try not to bend the needle. Do not attempt to replace the protective cover, because the needle tip could be damaged.

  1. Prefilled syringes are ready  for use, and purging the fluid contained in the syringe is therefore not recommended.

  1. The injection site is the subcutaneous cellular tissue in the abdominal waist or the lateral area of the belly. Alternate the injection site every day, using the side of the waist opposite to the one used for injection on the previous day.

  1. Disinfect the area chosen for administration of injection with cotton soaked in alcohol or any other disinfectant. Pinch a skin fold in the administration area.

  1. While holding the skin fold, place the syringe at right angles to the fold and fully insert the needle.

  1. Slowly inject the syringe content by gently pressing the plunger to facilitate drug absorption. Hold the skin fold until the end of injection and needle removal. Do not rub the area after injection.

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